Home Owners Associations (HOA’s)

Wilson McWilliams are specialists in home owner’s associations and sectional title law.

We provide:

  1. Drafting documentation relating to Home Owners Associations including the Constitution, Conduct Rules, Architectural Guide-lines, Builders Code of Conduct, service agreements between the HOA and service providers, etc.;
  2. Advising Trustees and owners on amendments to the Constitution, Conduct Rules and other documents pertaining to HOA’s and drafting amendments to documentation;
  3. Attending Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings and Trustees Meetings (Excom Meetings) to advise Trustees and owners on issues that are on the agenda at meetings or that may arise at such meetings;
  4. Arbitration and mediation – consulting on and assisting with the resolution of disputes between owners, owners and the HOA and owners and Trustees;
  5. Providing written opinions on any legal issues pertaining to the Home Owners Association.