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At Wilson McWilliams we understand that property transactions and issues are important in the lives of our clients and that they require very careful attention.

As Specialist Property Lawyers and Conveyancers we are dedicated to ensuring the accurate and speedy processing of property transfers and the efficient resolution of all your property-related issues.


Our Estate Agents are trained and mentored by Specialist Property Lawyers and all property sales and transactions are supervised from start to finish by our Lawyers.

If you are selling or buying property and you want outstanding professional service contact us and our team of Agents and Lawyers would welcome the opportunity to be of service.


Roads in Private Gated Estates

A number of articles have been published recently about the powers of governing bodies (such as Home Owners Associations) in private gated estates to create and enforce ‘road rules’ within the estate. The interest in this topic resulted to a...
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Who appoints the Conveyancer?

When a property is sold who has the right to appoint the Attorney to attend to the transfer? Firstly, it is important to be aware that not all Attorneys are Conveyancers. Only qualified Conveyancers may prepare Deeds of Transfer and...
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Should you Register Your Property in the name of a Legal Entity

One of the disadvantages of registering your home in the name of a legal entity is that you (or more accurately the legal entity in whose name your home is registered) will not be entitled to the Capital Gains Tax...
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