Sectional Title

Wilson McWilliams are specialists in sectional title law.

We provide the following Sectional Title services:

  1. Transfer of sectional title properties, registration of bonds over sectional title properties;
  2. Advising and consulting to Bodies Corporate, Trustees, Owners and managing agents on all aspects of the Sectional Titles Act (STA), the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act (STSMA) and other legislation pertaining to sectional title schemes and legal issues generally pertaining to these types of schemes;
  3. Assisting Bodies Corporate, Trustees and managing agents with the drafting of documentation pertaining to sectional title schemes including notices, resolutions, etc.;
  4. Drafting and assisting Bodies Corporate, Trustees with the drafting and amendment of rules (Management and Conduct Rules) and advising on amendments to rules;
  5. Attending to the filing of additional, amended or substituted Management and Conduct Rules in the Deeds Office;
  6. Obtaining copies of documents from the Deeds Office and Surveyor General’s Office including Title Deeds, Management and Conduct Rules, certificates of Real Right, Notarial Deeds of Exclusive Use, other Notarial Deeds and Sectional Title Plans, etc.;
  7. Deeds Office searches to obtain information on sectional title properties and schemes;
  8. Attending Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings and Trustees meetings to advise Trustees and owners on issues that are on the agenda at meetings or that may arise at such meetings;
  9. Arbitration and mediation – consulting on and assisting with the resolution of disputes between owners, owners in the Body Corporate and owners and Trustees;
  10. Preparation and attendance at pre-arbitration meetings, arbitration hearings and settlement negotiations;
  11. Providing written opinions on any legal issue pertaining to sectional title property and schemes.